Friday, 17 May 2013

Honey Napkin rounds 7 and 8

Round 7
I know that I usually pull my chains too tight, so in round 4 I left them a bit looser. It's looking like I did it too loose now.

Rounds 1-4 sat flat.

Rounds 5-8 would sit flat if they weren't connected to the centre 4 rounds.

Round 8
I'm hoping that when I learn how to block it comes out flat.

At Round 8 it is approximately 28cm diameter.

7 and 8 are 'similar' in the mathematical sense that one is an enlargement of the other and mirrored. These two rounds are also the first that needed two shuttles.

It took few repeats before I could stop looking at the pattern for round 7.

Doing round 8 it took longer to stop looking as the order of components was the same but the number of stitches was different.

It has taken longer to do these rounds than the previous - they were harder, and it is getting further around - but not as long as you might think from the gap since my last post.

My tablet computer which I use to take the photos keeps not wanting to upload to the net.


  1. Looking good!
    You could try patting it with a wet cloth (I use warn-hot water when I do this) and manipulating it into shape. The press down with a paper towel to get the water out, cover it and put a big book on it or something heavy for an hour or so, then let it dry. This stiffens it and gets it to lie flat. Works for me!
    Fox : )

  2. Evenly tensioned chains are so difficult for me. I can see how it's easy to make them too tight or too loose. I think your Honey Napkin looks wonderful!