Friday, 3 May 2013

Honey Napkin round one and two

I've been told that I will need a lot of thread to get through this one - there are 18 rounds.

The designer is Renulek, in Poland. The instructions are in Polish which I am translating with a lot of help from Google translate. The pattern name translates to 'Honey Napkin'. 

The centre of the project (these two rounds) are from the "Priscilla Tatting Workbook 2". 

Unfortunately there are at least two versions of this book in print and the one that I own doesn't have this pattern in it. 

It is available online. 

You need to make sure the publication is from Maine (the picture for it is 'figure 92' on page 26, but the instructions are on page 32).

rounds one and two
One of the bloggers that I follow was in the middle of this project when I started following her and has also worked another of Renulek's large projects. 

Many thanks for introducing me to Renulek's blog - although I may be cursing in 10 rounds time.

I am using DMC Cebelia #20 in Ecru.

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