Friday, 31 May 2013

Honey Napkin round 9

Round 9
Round 9 is lovely!

I'm trying to think of other ways to use it now.

This photo was taken over a week ago and nothing has changed since then.

My headache is coming up to 5 weeks old now and I took a weeks holiday from the tatting in the hopes that it would help settle my aching head - no such luck.

Knowing that it is going to take longer and longer to go around each row of this beautiful project, I decided a few days ago that I needed to do something small that I could finish.

from Priscilla book 2
Introducing: the Pansy pattern from Priscilla Book 2.

I have almost finished two pansys (pansies?).

The first one I followed the instructions, as you do, did the centre ring and then made the petals off the ring.

I nearly screamed many times - the petals insisted on twisting around so that I couldn't tell how they were joined and which direction I was going.

The second one I made each petal separately then joined them together with the centre ring.

OK, so I haven't actually joined them at the time of writing this, but I am hoping that when I get home from Saturday brunch (where I am at the moment) that I will do the joining ring.
the latest delivery - YAY

OOPS! I accidently hit the publish button. Sorry.

My most recent delivery from OS: A metal shuttle with spare bobbins; Coil-less safety pins in gold and silver; and patterns for crocheted cobweb shawls.

This was my last purchase before the $AU went below parity with $US - just means I have to pay more now to buy in $US.

The crochet instructions say to use mohair weight thread. I don't get on well with most woolen threads so I will be using a soft 4ply cotton that I have (a lot of) at home for my first attempt.

Going now to put the second pansy together.

Oh, I nearly forgot, there is another row to go on the outside of the petals - a light cream if I can find one.

These will count as #2 and #3 in my 25 motif challenge.


  1. Your Honey Napkin looks beautiful, and those pansies... stunning! The thread you chose is perfect!

  2. Your honey napkin is very beautiful!! And your pansies are gorgeous!! :)

  3. Love your Honey Napkin - it is beautiful! Any your pansies are so very pretty. Can't wait to see the one you are working on presently when you have it all together.

    I have been looking for the coil-less safety pins, where did you find them? I see they come in 2 sizes - great.

  4. Those pansies are gorgeous! And I like the honey napkin too.