Thursday, 9 May 2013

Honey Napkin 5 and 6

round five
Looking at rounds 5 and 6 I thought that I might try using a split chain to climb out of 5 and a split ring to start 6.

I joined the InTatter's forum a short time ago so that I could look up patterns and get help with things like 'I've heard of a split chain, now, how do I make a one'.

close-up of split chain
I went to the Questions section and found that someone had recently asked about split chains so looked through the answers she was given and was directed to a YouTube video which gave a good run through of both the split chain to climb out of the current round and the split ring to start the next round.

There was also a pdf file with diagrammes of another method of doing the split chain. 
round six
I went with the pdf version of the chain (I've tried the split chain once previous to this that went sooo wrong...) and this one went perfectly.

I then used the split ring technique from the video and it also went well especially since I was using one shuttle and a ball thread.

I have done a lot of split rings recently in THE peacock's tail but they were done with two shuttles and I worked them out as I went.

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