Monday, 11 February 2013

Spinning Wheels and Hearts Desire

Seeing other people doing Mary Konior's 'Spinning Wheel Glass Mat' got me enthused to have a try at it. About 1/4 of my time was spent in undoing (and I haven't learnt how to sew in the ends yet) but I quite like the look of it: I can see how this pattern becomes addictive.

I have also had a go at Susan Fuller's 'Hearts Desire'. These were both done in a very cheap perle 8 that I bought about 20 balls of a few years ago (50c per ball as opposed to $3.50). I now know why they were so cheap - the thread thickness and twist is sooooo variable. While I'm working on my techniques I'll be using these threads, so expect to see a lot of purple/white and green/white.  

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