Saturday, 9 February 2013

And then ...

So now that I've got it all pretty, I need to do something with it.

I've spent the better part of my non-work time in the last week looking up blogs on tatting with the result that my list of blogs is longer than my list of posts (currently 1), labels (0) or friends (also 0).

This is the link to My sister Andrea's Blog, and this is the link to My sister Julie's Blog.

As far as I am aware the other members of the family don't blog, but I haven't told any of them that I have started yet either.

I re-started tatting in June 2012 when I had a week off work with no plans. I spent 3-4 hours most days in the back of my local thread shop finishing tatting a table centre I had put aside over a year previously. When it was finished the shop owner asked if I would make her one in purple/black (she would supply the thread - DMC perle 8 - and pay for the work).

 I took photos of each row as they were finished and published on facebook so she could see how it was going. Most of the photos I took in the same place with the same lighting to get the colours to match.

I had a few comments from my facebook friends along the lines of "that's beautiful, what is it" and "is that tatting" so the word is getting out that tatting is not just something that great-grandma used to do.
 L:  Rows 1-3.


R: Rows 4-6

 I was almost finished row 9 when I realised that it wasn't going to fit. I looked back around the row and discovered I had skipped a joining picot. I now have a collar length piece of row 9.


After cutting the mistake out I couldn't bring myself to look at it for 3 weeks but eventually came back 

The pattern finished at row 9 but I did a row 10 to stabilise it. Rows 7-9 are the same as 4-6 so, in theory, you could keep going and make a full table cloth out of it.

I have been through my collection of tatting books to try finding where I got the pattern: I had sketched it into my little tatting book which goes with me. I can't find it!! I remember that it was called a "coffee table mat" and that the instructions went over two pages, but I have no idea what book/magazine I got it from.


  1. Only a year tatting? Amazing!
    Fox : )

    1. Only a year since I re-started. I first learnt how to tat over twnety years ago, put it down, picked it up for a while, put it down again, repeat...I think it had been maybe 4-6 years since I had last put it down to pick it up in June 2012. I haven't put it down since then though.
      Meryl ;)