Monday, 25 February 2013

Mostly Flowers

My friend in the craft shop had 2 bags of craft books left at her front door last week, one bag completely tatting!! I now possess Mary Konior's Tatting in Lace, Elgiva Nicolls' Tatting Technique & History, Tatting with Anne Orr and Tatting Designs J&P Coats Book No 380. There was also Rebecca Jones Complete Book of Tatting which was the book I learnt to tat out of, and the Macrame and Tatting book which has the pattern for the big doily I started my blog with and which I still can't find in my house.

Corsage of Flowers (mine on left)
While I was looking for the "book with the doily" I rediscovered my Lyn Morton book Tatting Patterns, which I have not done anything out of yet - I can't understand why, some of those patterns are sooo beautiful.

So, the weekend just finished I had fun working on different dimensional flower patterns, starting with Lyn's Corsage of Flowers - I made 2 6-petal flowers and 1 5-petal flower. I haven't joined them together yet.
Tudor Rose (mine on right)

Next I had a go at Lyn's Tudor Rose. But only the outside section as I didn't want to play with the beads.

Wrought Iron
Moving on to my new Mary Konior book, I had seen a Wrought Iron recently on Pinterest, so when I saw it in my new book got very excited and had to try. I made two noticeable mistakes which I didn't notice until it was too late to fix. As I haven't started working with two shuttles yet, the rings on the outside of the onions were worked with the one shuttle instead of a second shuttle.

Going back to dimensional flowers, I am part way through Mary's Carnation from my new book. It says to make two, wire them separately, then join them together. Her picture looks good, we'll see about mine when it's finished.

This last piece I have also seen regularly on Pinterest, but no-one had referenced it. As soon as I saw it in my new Konior book it had to get a try out. Unfortunately I was nearly out of shuttle when I started, and I didn't read the pattern properly, so there weren't any picots on my first flower to join the second flower on to. I will definitely be doing this one again.

Today I was expecting a 9am to 9pm working day - didn't know when I would get a chance to do my update.

My 'day' job I arrived half an hour late and left half an hour early, so I will have to work late on Friday to make it up.

The 4pm student arrived at 3:55 while I was still eating lunch. My 5pm student went home from school sick so didn't come. The 6pm has just arrived (at 6:10 - their first lesson).

(Back from tutoring at 7:10) The 7pm student had already cancelled due to a school meeting. 8pm should arrive at 8.

All in all, I'm having a much quieter day than expected.

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