Monday, 18 February 2013

Another Heart's Desire

A few weeks ago I found a link on Pinterest labelled 'hyperbolic tatting'  which led me to a flickr album of photos on the topic. I hadn't heard of it before, but I have done crotchet that twists like this before. Looking closely at the pictures, it seems to be done almost completely with chains and shuttle joins. I had a go with my icky green, then tried to re-create with my icky purple to see if I could remember what I had done.

I couldn't.
So I've ended up with two crysanthemummy-looking flowers that don't look alike.

I also had a go at Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire using a DMC #80 tatting thread. I haven't used the #80 for a while and didn't realise my eyes were getting so bad. I could barely see to do the picot joins. I'll have to find my magnifying light if I want to keep playing with the fine threads.

While I was still playing with the hyperbolic theme, I thought I would experiment with crochet and came up with this. I did a flat coil of treble, then started again from the centre and put 2 treble between each stitch. It has pulled the hole in the centre, but with some adjustment could be the start of a good brooch.

This afternoon I had a brother and sister come for Maths Tutoring at 4pm and 5pm consecutively (I don't cope with more than one student at a time, so I "guarentee" one-on-one tutoring).

My next student was due at 7pm so I spent an hour cleaning up my tutoring table and filling up my paper recycling bin.

When she still hadn't come by 20 past 7 I thought "let's get the blog update done!" I had started last night and had most of the first paragraph done. It's now 8pm, so I'm waiting for my last student to arrive.

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  1. I think you made a very good attempt at the hyperbolic tatting. The key to the way I do it is to have the smallest picots to join to as possible. I just have a bump to let me know where to join.

    Also I work my joins like a DOWN join, pulling the working thread DOWN through the picot instead of UP through the picot. When making the join, I let the working shuttle dangle to let it relax from overtwisting.