Tuesday, 2 April 2013

...and from the new book we have...

I have been busy in my new book since I last posted. One of my other tatting books has a list of common tatting words in other languages, including German, so I have been able to work out some of the written instructions. There are a lot of split-rings, which I haven't done in a few years, and some other techniques which I haven't seen before that are making the work interesting. Not something you want to be doing with a headache late at night when I usually start tatting.
The round motive was one of the reasons why I wanted this book. I had tried to work it out from photos on Pinterest but couldn't get it to sit properly. I now know why - all the rings and chains have different numbers of stitches in them and I was doing them all equal. 
This flower has four layers of petals attached to the central motive. There is supposed to be another row around each of the last two layers, but I thought it was too big a jump in size from the first two layers. I have a pin to attach to it - one day.

This flower edging I did to finish off two shuttles so that they could be refilled to start a new layer on the flower, rather than join in ends.
It doesn't much look like it, but this one is a peacock (in progress). The diagram, written pattern (in German of course) and the photos don't match each other. As a result there are a LOT of mistakes and the peacock's body has mostly disappeared. 
The Peacock on the cover of the book is what seems to attract most people to this book, so I had to try. I haven't put his feet on yet as they weren't in the written pattern and I haven't worked out exactly where to join them. One of my friends said she preferred the look of him without the feet anyway. There are also a lot of mistakes in there, but I don't think anyone will be finding them without a magnifying glass. 
So that is the finish of this episode. I'll find some food now and see what I can do with the peacock. I need to refill both shuttles soon, so need to work out a good place to do it so that I can hide the ends.


  1. Fantastic! You are a braver woman than I. I have not tackled this pattern yet!
    Fox ; )

  2. You've done very beautiful work here. I've heard there is a pattern of dancing butterflies in this book. Will you please reproduce it?