Tuesday, 10 September 2013

In the meantime ...

Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel
When I started back tatting I had a week of holiday from my day job and I sat in a friend's shop in town and tatted each day in her workshop area for 3-5 hours.

She has been very supportive of me, including giving my some threads to try out - that she wants to get rid of, the threads that are selling I still have to pay for.

I mention this as the smaller of the motives in these two photos are each done in a Metallic Machine Embroidery thread that had been sitting in the shop when she bought it. We thought it might be fun to see what it tatted up like - it is horrible.
from p101 of Occhi Schiffchenspitze Frivolite
(THE Peacock Book)

It tats up with a wonderful metallic gleam, but as it is metal fibre wound around a very fine core thread it tends to kink easily making it hard to pull rings up.

At one point I managed to break the metal fibre and had to tat numerous double knots just using the core thread until it caught the fibre again - it doesn't show up at all.

The larger of the two motives are each done in a perle 8 from Madame Tricote Paris (Made in Turkey) colour number 187: this thread tats up a bit larger than my other perle 8 threads (DMC, Anchor and the cheap/nasty 50cent balls) but has a good feel to it.

I kept putting off using it as it is brown and I don't do brown: when tatted though the light colour comes through as golden.

These are  motives #6, #7,#8 and #9 of the 25 Motif Challenge

Mary Konior's Posy

MK's Posy is done in Lizbeth #40 thread, Autumn Spice. I did a bad join on my first go around so cut it off the shuttle and started again. I plan to use all the cut offs to decorate clothing (at some point in time).

Motive #10

A Rose
I have finally used some of the HDT I bought from Tat-ilicious - Whoopsie #40. The flower pattern is from Tatting Patterns, Julia E Saunders - also known as The Priscilla Tatting Book No2. There are a couple of different editions of the book having different figure numbers. In my book it is Figure 82 Collar - just the Rose section. It still needs something to finish the centre. The pattern has a flattened croched ball sewn in. I'm thinking more of a mother of pearl button.

from Rebecca Jones' book
Figure 197, p67
When I first started tatting (who knows how many years ago now) I taught myself from Rebecca Jones' book The Complete Book of Tatting. I had been looking for it in my house for months without success, when it turned up on the table next to my tutoring table - I had brought it out to show a student what tatting was.

from Rebecca Jones' book
Figure 199, p67
I needed it to get the patterns for these two bookmarks which I wanted to do with another of the HDT from Tat-ilicious - Dark Rainbow #20 this time.

I found half a ball of black DMC #20 thread in my stash and wanted to get the stained-glass effect  in the cross bookmarks.

Motives #11 and #12

I do have more, but I have to have something for the next post. I mentioned on someone else's blog that I would put up photo's of THE peacock as he is being done.

I have his head (and a comparison shot with the head of my last peacock) but you will just have to wait a little bit longer.

Hopefully not as long as last time.

I will return!


  1. Wow! You've accomplished a lot. Brown isn't my color either, but it does look pretty. I guess some threads just don't work for tatting.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful!! :) I do not prefer brown myself, but that brown variegated looks wonderful to me!! :) And I love your little rose, and both crosses too!! :)