Saturday, 6 July 2013

And now for something a little bit different ...

My 20th Post

 Woo Hoo!!

Here we have three completed pansies (pansy's?) worked three different ways.

#2 #3 and #4 of 25 motif challenge
On the left is the first pansy done according to the pattern, or at least my understanding of it - central ring with petals worked off it. Lots of screaming as the petals insisted on twisting around and I couldn't keep track of the front and back.

The centre pansy I worked the purple part of the petals, made the central ring and joined the petals to each picot as they were made, then went around each petal with the contrast colour. Still lots of screaming as the petals twisted.

On the right, again I worked the petals separately in the main colour. This time I worked the contrast colour around the first petal, made a chain to the next petal and repeated that, joining each petal as I came to it instead of using a central ring. The centre is more open but there was much less screaming.

These are motives #2, #3 and #4 in the 25 Motif Challenge.

Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat

 I have two balls of Anchor multicolour perle 8. The colours are #1325 (blue/purple/pink) and #1315 (pink/orange/yellow). Does anyone know Anchor is still available in Australia? My web searchers are not working well at the moment.

I tried doing a Spinning Wheel mat out of the #1325, got half way around, ran out of shuttle thread, then realised I only had one ball and couldn't refill the shuttle without cutting the ball thread.

I put it aside (for 9 months) then picked it up on Thursday and undid it.

I have now made the Spinning Wheel mat using the #1325 for the rings paired with a DMC perle 8 Black for the chains.
 #5 of 25 motif challenge

The DMC is finer than the Anchor but they look good together.

I like the idea of colours with black - it makes me think of stained glass windows.

This is motive #5 in the 25 Motif Challenge.


My latest order of HDT from Jess at Tat-ilicious.

The top two colours are in #40 and the bottom 6 are #20.

I still haven't used any of the first order, but I couldn't help myself - they just look too good.


  1. Those pansies rock! Nicely done. That pattern is very challenging.
    Fox : )

  2. You unpicked half a spinning wheel mat? How "dis-tat-ifying"! The new one with black is truly gorgeous, like stained glass as you say.
    I love the pansies, they are glorious! Will you make them into a pin or something?

  3. Love your pansies!!! :)
    And your spinning wheel glass mat is awesome!!! :)

  4. I will be watching for THE PEACOCK!
    Fox : ))